Why would you want a Content Management System?

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 | Articles

Several of our clients come to us wanting to be able to update their own website. Some clients are sick of waiting for days or weeks on their “techie guy” to make updates to their website. Others make changes so frequently they’d just rather do it themselves rather than pay someone the hourly fees which mount up quickly. Below are the main points to think about when considering if your website needs a content management system or not.

How can a Content Management System help me and my website?

With a Content Management System, you can make updates to your own website without the need to call a “techie guy”. We typically get clients who ask for a CMS because they have finally become tired of their techie guy taking way too long to make simple text changes to their website or charging them an extortionate amount of cash for simple changes.

Having a CMS means that the cost to maintain your website goes down since you are doing the regular content maintenance yourself. Instead of paying an hourly fee for updates, you make the updates yourself and they get published immediately. With the right CMS and the proper instruction from your web developer, your CMS should be very simple to use and make updates.

Do I need a Website Content Management System?

Here is what we always ask our prospective clients when they ask us about a CMS:

  • Are you planning on making updates more than once a month?
  • Do you ever have time sensitive updates that require immediate publishing?
  • Are you comfortable paying more upfront but saving money on incremental updates over time?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, than a CMS might be a great fit for you. If you only have a small, brochure type website with content that doesn’t change (well, not that often) then the additional cost to setup a CMS may not really be warranted. With that said, the cost of including a Content Management System can be minimal so it might be worth getting even if you have little use for it now, things might change in the future.

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