Kleeneze Ltd - Distributor Registration System

Monday, February 2nd, 2009 | Portfolio

This was a completely bespoke system to enable potential Kleeneze distributors all round the world to register online. The solution involved a large, multi-language, dynamic 10 stage form that captured all the users information and produced a Credit agreement and Distributor registration agreement in PDF format at the completion of the form. The actual solutiuon was written in Java and Integrated with all Kleeneze’s back end systems.

All the information captured was stored in a SQL Server database and enabled the user to leave and go back to the form as many times as they needed to complete it.

The solution also included a comprehensive administrastion system so that the Kleeneze staff could help the clients and enable them to produce reports on all uploaded information.

The technologies used included:

  • Implementation of HSBC’s payment gateway
  • Integration of Apache FOP to produce the PDF documents
  • JEE 5
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Internationalisation - to provide the service in multiple languages and to enable easy modification of all the text within the solution

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