IT Consultancy and Strategy

We cannot overestimate the importance of independent value analysis in evaluating and determining IT policy for your business. That’s why we strive to know all the latest developments and ideas in the IT sector, to help you fulfill your business requirements effectively.

Unless strategic IT planning is a full-time function, it can be easy to lose the plot, especially in a small to medium-sized business. Without such a function it is difficult for you and your business leaders to take an independent and authoritative view.

Our experience working with large mulit-nationals, implementing best practice, and our passion for working with a broad and diverse customer base, we get to see at first hand what works and what doesn’t.

While we are always happy to share these views with our customers in an informal and anecdotal way we can be retained by a customer to adopt a pro-active role in shaping their future IT policy. A great deal of the time it is the 3rd person, independent viewpoint that can usually see opportunities for your business that could otherwise be missed. We can help you in the following ways:

  • IT policy, direction and budgeting
  • Advice on software and hardware purchases
  • Advice on network development
  • Direction on web and e-commerce issues
  • Systems Integration and streamlining issues
  • Merger and aquisitions due dilligence

At some level all businesses need an IT steer. The bigger the business and the bigger the task, the bigger the requirement is to produce an accurate and well planned IT direction.

Business at all levels needs to take independent advice. Too frequently in our experience, businesses take their strategic lead from suppliers and salesmen whose interest is vested in signing a contract rather than joining-up the network in the most efficient and value-conscious manner.

our aim is to provide essentially virtual IT management that can provide best practice independent advice, as and when, you need it.

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